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Read my story ‘A Grey Cat in a Sunset Town’ in Growing up In Country Australia by Black Inc. To be released on the 29th of March 2022. You can buy a copy now in all good bookstores, or online. Read my poem ‘Our First Christmas Without You’

Brand Development – Loungeroom Livestreaming

Developed during the 2020 pandemic, Loungeroom Livestreaming is an online streaming company for arts events in Australia. Their brand stands out in a saturated market by steering clear of the blue hues we often associate with tech companies. Instead their brand is nostalgic, warm and retro.

Logo Development – Baked Canvas

Baked Canvas is a Perth based company who bake unique cakes with artist flare. Their branding required a creative design that was also classy and authentic.

App Development – Girlbank

Girlbank is inspired by the Memphis design movement. While still using geometry to challenge orthodox design, the Girlbank branding is more flat and modern. The ‘G’ for Girlbank has been included in the logo, in an abstract way, by making use of shape.