App Development – Girlbank

Girlbank is inspired by the Memphis design movement. While still using geometry to challenge orthodox design, the Girlbank branding is more flat and modern. The ‘G’ for Girlbank has been included in the logo, in an abstract way, by making use of shape.

Girlbank is a fictional app for an upcoming electronic literature project where users can read through transactions. This punchy, mid-century design appeals to the target age of the narrator – a young women – thus allowing us to set readers expectations appropriately without a long on-boarding process.

This earlier ideation of the Girlbank logo, explored the use of bright colours and bold lines to show the creativity of the project as an experimental work of fiction. Ultimately this didn’t represent the target audience very well; it felt too young and, as a result, was lacking in trustworthiness. Not what you want from a bank!

Early prototypes

An early prototype for light mode showing an expand transaction section with Latin copy where the narrative will be. We have made use of simple geometric shapes to divide sections and create focal points for content.

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