As a lecturer with 10 years experience, I am a confident public speaker, performer and teacher. I believe approaching audiences with empathy and vulnerability is the best way to leverage their attention and engagement.

Festival Appearances

Digital Writer’s Festival, November 2018.

National Young Writer’s Festival, September 2018.

National Young Writer’s Festival, September 2017.

Subbed In. September 2017.

Literary Youth Festival, April 2017.

Perth Poetry Festival, August 2016.

Margaret River Reader’s and Writer’s Festival, June 2016.

You Are Here Festival, April 2016.

Noted Festival, March 2016.

National Young Writer’s Festival, September 2015.

A top 20 AMPlify Bright Sparks AMP finalist in 2015.


Electronic Literature Organisation Conference, 2023. Coimbra. Digital Literary Adaptation Workshop: Curatorial, Recombinant, and AR Reimagining. (i.e. VR –> AR). David Thomas Henry Wright (Nagoya University), Karen Lowry (Curtin University) and Chris Arnold (University of Western Australia).

DDD Perth. Western Australia. They’re People, Not Users. September 2022. [Voted in anonymously]

Metalepsis and Mourning: Using electronic literature to explore our different responses to grief and loss. Electronic Literature Organisation Conference 2020, Orlando. July 2020.

The gender gap between frontend and backend developers. Web Weekend Kathmandu, Kathmandu. 2019.

Designing courses for the future: using artificial intelligence to make students more effective learners. Tertiary Education Management Conference, Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) and the Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association (TEFMA), Perth. September 2018.

Metalepsis and the Digital Verse Novel: The Role of Electronic Literature and Game Techniques in Poetry. The Great Writing Conference, London. June 2015.

Developing Digital Poetry: Utilising Gaming Techniques to Write About Suburbia. Rites of Spring, Curtin University. November 2014.