Recent Writing


A Grey Cat in a Sunset Town’ in Growing up In Country Australia. Black Inc. March 2022.

Book review: New Animal by Ella Baxter. Artshub. April 2021.

Review: ScoMo’s Sunday Service. Fringefeed. 28th January 2021.

Review: Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered. Fringefeed. 21st January 2021.

Review: Do I Look Like I Care? Fringefeed. 17th January 2021.

‘We encourage the audience to boo, jeer and heckle’: competitions that reward bad poetry. The Guardian Australia. 19th December, 2019.

“You Can Slam Poetry and Not Slam the Door on Slam Poetry.” The Conversation. 5th April 2015

Photo taken at Margaret River Writer’s Festival 2016

Selected work from Xpress Mag

SINGLE REVIEW: BEN CATELY Run gets 8.5/10Xpress Magazine. April 2021.

SINGLE REVIEW: BOY GIRL Twitchin’ in your sleep gets 8.5/10 Xpress Magazine. April 2021.

INTERVIEW: TANAMI Surf rock from the sun. Xpress Magazine. March 2021.

WA MIXTAPE @ Government House Gardens gets 8/10. Xpress Magazine. March 2021.

C. NORRIS ft. LO Honey gets 8.5/10Xpress Magazine. March 2021.

BAD WEATHER All I Know gets 7/10. Xpress Magazine. March 2021.

Selected work from Space Ship News (music journalist, 2010 – 2011)

“Interview: Grinspoon Play the One Movement Music Festival for Perth.” Space Ship News. October 2010.

“Interview: Karnivool.” Spaceship News. June 2010.

Selected work from Grok Magazine (freelance writer, 2009 – 2012)

“Cat Empire.” Grok Magazine. Ed. Sullivan, Tegan. Curtin Student Guild, Issue 3: June 2010.

“Angels of Northbridge.” Grok Magazine. Ed. Dennis, Jake. Curtin Student Guild. Issue 4: October 2009.


Our first Christmas without you. Grieve: Stories and Poems of Grief and Loss Volume 10. Hunter Writer’s Centre. 2022.

15 character poem. Skylines. Screened at the Perth Cultural Centre, 2018 and Screenwest Film Festival, 2019. [film].

Like soldiers. Recoil Ten: ten years of Perth Poetry Club. Perth: Mulla Mulla Press. 2019.

Flat wine and Tequila. Snap Journal. 2016.

Solar Power. In Capes, A & Linford, B. (Eds.), Poetry and Place Anthology. 2015.

Past Lover. Recoil 7. Perth, Western Australia: Mulla Mulla Press.

Ex-Boyfriend. Incisors and Grinders 2015: Idenity. Melbourne, Victoria: Monash Creative Writers.

Sixty Years. In Sharkey, M. (Ed.), Australian Poetry Journal 5(1).Melbourne, Victoria: Australian Poetry Ltd. 2015.

Mr Harwood. In, Lateef, A. (Ed.), WRIT Poetry Review 2. Perth, Western Australia. 2015.

6 months after my friend hangs himself. Poetry d’Amour 2014: Love Poems for Valentine’s Day. Perth, Western Australia: WA Poets Inc. 2014

Hinge. In Haskell, D. (Ed.), Poetry d’Amour 2013: Love Poems for Valentine’s Day. Perth, Western Australia: WA Poets Inc. 2013. (Highly Commended)


“The Mohakatino River”. dotdotdash. Issue 7: Sacred.

“The Beggar”. Cottonmouth. Issue 19.

Festival Appearances

Digital Writer’s Festival, November 2018.

National Young Writer’s Festival, September 2018.

National Young Writer’s Festival, September 2017.

Subbed In. September 2017.

Literary Youth Festival, April 2017.

Perth Poetry Festival, August 2016.

Margaret River Reader’s and Writer’s Festival, June 2016.

You Are Here Festival, April 2016.

Noted Festival, March 2016.

National Young Writer’s Festival, September 2015.

Electronic Literature



Metalepsis and Mourning: Using electronic literature to explore our different responses to grief and loss. Electronic Literature Organisation Conference 2020, Orlando. July 2020.

The gender gap between frontend and backend developers. Web Weekend Kathmandu, Kathmandu. 2019.

Designing courses for the future: using artificial intelligence to make students more effective learners. Tertiary Education Management Conference, Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) and the Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association (TEFMA), Perth. September 2018.

Metalepsis and the Digital Verse Novel: The Role of Electronic Literature and Game Techniques in Poetry. The Great Writing Conference, London. June 2015.

Developing Digital Poetry: Utilising Gaming Techniques to Write About Suburbia. Rites of Spring, Curtin University. November 2014.

Academic publications 

“Participatory culture and Michel Foucault: how we’re all to blame for ‘fake news’ and the loss of social consciousness.” The Digital Review. May 2020. 

Metalepsis in Digital Poetry: Representing Australian Suburbia through the Convergence of the Verse Novel and Electronic Literature and Chamberlain Street. (Doctoral thesis).  Available from Curtin eSpace. 2017.

“Poetry and Video Games.” The Postgraduate Bulletin. Ed. Mudhan, Keturah. Curtin University Postgraduate Student Association. December 2014.

Image taken at National Young Writer’s Festival 2017