I’m a speculative fiction writer and poet currently working on my first two books. My poetry explores trauma and memory, while my fiction critiques representations of female identity in the highly politicised spaces of the speculative fiction novel.

Drive your fingers
down through the scrub
and thickening trees.
Your tongue licks the shoulder, soft with gravel.
Later, others will traverse these stitches,
trace these stains near my collar,
but right now, it’s you
who’s driving through
the potholes in my skirt.

excerpt from pleasure

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Read my story ‘A Grey Cat in a Sunset Town’ in Growing up In Country Australia by Black Inc. Released on the 29th of March 2022. You can buy a copy now in all good bookstores, or online.

Read my poem ‘Our First Christmas Without You’ in Grieve 2022. Available now.